Evening Primrose Oil to Induce Labor – How It Really Works?

First, Evening Primrose Oil to Induce Labor: Is It Possible?

Evening Primrose Oil To Induce Labor

Evening Primrose Oil

Let me, tell it, to you, right away about the evening primrose oil to induce labor: It does NOT induce labor. However, evening primrose oil benefits are firmly related to pregnancy, and you may consider it seriously for your technique (see my post How to Induce Labor at Home – and Feel Good!). The 2 major big advantages of evening primrose oil are:

1) to help the women to produce more cervical mucus. This substance secreted by the cervix promotes the spermatozoids to reach more easily the ovary. More precisely, this mucus nourishes the spermatozoids and help them to live longer plus help them to move more dynamically into the path to the waiting egg. It improves the fertility.

And 2) the main effect of the primrose oil is to facilitate the gestation process and grow indirectly the labor. Precisely, it softens the cervix and prepares your organs for the labor, to make it a lot easier but it will not inducing the labor naturally. This function comes from the prostaglandin containing in this oil. To be even more precise, it can trigger what is called the Braxton-Hicks contractions but these contractions are not inducing the labor. It prepares your baby to move in the right position. In this way, when the cervix is ripened and softened, the labor is easier and faster to come.

Now, that you know all the truth about the evening primrose oil to induce labor how can you use it to benefit from it? Oh, I almost forgot the evidence, there are no dangerous side effects with this oil. Some recommendations of usage: not before the 34-36th weeks. And the misunderstanding comes from some old obstetrics who do not know enough information about the primrose oil.

Another known benefit comes from the omega-6 as a rich fatty acid, it helps to develop the fetus.

Furthermore, the evening primrose oil is a good natural remedy for acne, skin allergies, premenstrual disorders, arthritis, asthma and breast problems. The effect occurs with the right dosage regarding the health concerns, the age and the weight. An adult for example, should not ingest more than 2 teaspoons and a kid no more than a single teaspoon. For these reasons, you should consult a health care specialist before ingesting this powerful oil.

Back to the main purpose of my post this oil can facilitate your labor.

The most effective to use the evening primrose oil is to put it in contact with your cervix. For example, you can make some massage with it around your perineal area. So, you apply the oil on the cervix and you perform a massage very softly but deeply. The oil will be absorbed by the skin and will ripen and soften the cervix.

Another option to use this natural ways to induce labor is to insert capsule of primrose oil into the vagina at the 38th weeks. You do it before going to bed to let the capsule dissolves itself during the night. Here is another technique if you want to stick to oil, read my post Castor Oil To Induce Labor – It Works Like This!.

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