How To Induce Labor By Nipple Stimulation – The Technique!

If You Want To Try The Nipple Stimulation Technique To Induce Your Labor, Then It Has To Be Done Correctly FIRST and With Great Pleasure Second!

How To Induce Labor By Nipple Stimulation

The Nipple Stimulation Technique Is Very Natural To Induce Your Labor Quickly

Before delivering you the right technique in a few minutes, my first recommendation on how to induce labor by nipple stimulation is to consult your physician or other qualified healthcare specialist before starting your new method or treatment.

Indeed, he or she may know some potential constraints related to your medical history.

The advices I’m giving you here is believed to be accurate and is here solely for the purpose of general and common information.

If you’re not finding the information you’re looking for start your labor with the nipple stimulation technique, then take a look at my free guide how to induce labor, there is more natural and more detailed techniques like massages or acupressure.

Some of you may have never heard about this technique called… intercourse. Some women love it and others don’t during this period.

You should only perform this technique when you’re at the overdue stage. It’s very natural. Remember : if you go to your doctor and ask for a working solution, you’re going to leave the office with your set of drugs and medications to induce your labor “brutally”.

The good thing when you find your way to induce labor naturally is the fact that everything is done smoothly, gradually and magnificently.  That’s the main reason why nipple stimulation during intercourse is a very good option to try.

Yes, it’s true : nipple stimulation induce contractions… but do it smartly (not a torture or a mechanical stuff).

Do it slowly and stop it immediately when you have contractions. Then do it again every 30 minutes or so till you got bored.

If you do your nipple stimulations that way : stimulation, pause and stop when you get bored then within 3 to 4 days your baby will come. This technique releases a specific hormone (oxytocin) that stimulates the contractions of your uterus.

Simply stated, another natural way to stimulate your nipple to get into labor, is to imitate the breastfeeding made by a baby. Do this slowly because it is the natural way of performing it (not fast and not strong). Stick closely to this advice to avoid any hard contractions.

To imitate the breastfeeding, simply, rool and tug and thumb and forefinger your breast.

Look no further, Mother Nature is perfect. Having a lovely intercourse will do the job for you and your baby. So again, the purpose of this method is to release the hormone that induces the labor.

Finally, “How To Induce Labor By Nipple Stimulation” is closely related to the frequency. If you do it one time, nothing will happen. You have to perform it the way, we have just described it above.

Important : Only if you are over 37 weeks.

If you’re in a hurry but do not like nipple stimulation, you can have a look to my post Acupressure to Induce Labor – Do It Yourself!

Anyway, nipple stimulation does work and is a great technique in order to naturally induce your labor yourself (or with the help of your partner).

All the best,

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4 thoughts on “How To Induce Labor By Nipple Stimulation – The Technique!

  1. Thanks for the info, but I must read your advice twice to fully grasp the technique. It’s not easy to understand something that will be better explained by a video or a picture.

    • you’re welcome Katie and thank you for your feedback. I’ll do my best to fix the errors asap and make it more “user-friendly”. That’s why my guide is here with more space and more details if needed. Not easy to put up everything on my blog. thx.

  2. I’m at 38 weeks, set to be induced medically in two days, so I thought I’d give this a try. I stimulated the left side with just my fingers for five minutes and I just had a REALLY strong four minute contraction! I’m going to take a break for 30 minutes and keep trying. Next time for about 3 minutes. But I think this might do it for me!

    • This is great news. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, I appreciate.

      Do it naturally without overdoing it. When you get really bored of this stimulation just stop it for the day.

      I favor your choice and decision to do it naturally.

      Have a great baby!

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