How To Induce Labor? Get This Scrupulously Researched Guide!

Hello, I’m Lila.

How To Induce Labor and Feel Totally Happy Doing It Yourself

How To Induce Labor

Me & My Baby

I want to quickly write up this post to give you here my scrupulously researched guide – written with the help of Dr Leino. This a must read from A to Z, in pdf format and free because I know and suspect you might feel tired of being pregnant.

I know you’ll be very happy to FINALLY find natural ways to induce labor and see your baby coming within 48h. Me too… I was one of these overdue pregnant moms like you.

As you scan every word of my guide and this blog, you’ll begin to discover new facts, experiences and methods to get into labor “100% natural“. Read it, print it but DON’T do it medically, please. And here’s why :

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.”

This is something I drum into my blog community here because it’s critical for new moms to understand how to get into labor and start contractions NATURALLY, without drugs, without surgery and without fears.

But here’s the problem… do you always get the very same options from different medical establishments?

I bet that YES!

Really want an internal medical induction?

Medical Induction???

Me too, I was not satisfied.

In fact I was totally horrified by all the medical options ( how to medically induce labor, or those other medical techniques or the instrumental vaginal delivery at the hospital or the intravenous administration of synthetic oxytocin preparations or the membrane sweep technique with the help of the doctor’s finger around your cervix, etc) provided by my local medical establishment.

But remember this :

Your doctor alone have no right to induce your labor the way he wants. Your obstetrician or gynecologist do NOT own your body and your precious baby.

In fact, the only thing you need at this very precise time, is to get several natural and working options to induce your labor yourself.

And believe me, you can do it alone.

That’s why I’m writing this blog to inform you about “natural ways to induce labor“, plus some other advices to detect when you are in true labor. It’s very important to make your own judgment. Right here, you’re going to discover all the things that your medical establishments do not want you to know. I’m blogging about many tips and techniques but it’s not limited to:

All in One

All in One

– nipple stimulation, castor oil or primrose oil, dance, galloping, home remedies, jumping jacks, medically inducing technique, pressure points to ease the process yourself, reflexology to make it happen naturally, through massage therapy with some professionals, using acupressure on precise points, the best period to induce labor at 36, 37, 38, 39 or 40 weeks?, some pain relievers tips, black cohosh capsule or raspberry tea your favorite natural ingredients, do you really need a catheter, plus some funny but working ways to facilitate the labor, how to use a medicine ball at home, or even the function of fast contractions and is the 2 cm dilated a myth or not…. and much more to discover…

You too… end your worries and get into labor without drugs and without any medical intervention.

That’s the main purpose of my blog.

But better yet, my free guide is only 24 pages long.

For example on page 6, I’m going to share with you one of the most common myths of “knowing when you are in labor”. If you’re near to your due date or passed your EDD, you really need to know with absolute certainty “Will I really know when I’m truly in labor?”. Think about it, you cannot be satisfied with the common answer of “You’ll know”.

Plus, I’ve also included in this comprehensive guide as seen on page 16, the 38 indispensable items to bring with you to the delivery hospital. Get this list right at your fingertips to feel serene the D-Day and learn many natural ways to induce labor at home.

~ Lila D.


Watch These Top 5 Ways To Induce Labor Naturally

If you’ve enjoyed all the information delivered in my blog then you’ll love everything else you’re going to read inside this free guide here (pdf format) written with the Dr. Lena Leino. A special thanks for her help.

Check it out now to realize what to do easily, safely and quickly.


One thought on “How To Induce Labor? Get This Scrupulously Researched Guide!

  1. I never ever realized that sexual intercourse positions played a role in increasing the fertilizing
    of the semen and egg cell. Really beneficial blog post.
    If possible give detailed info about conception health
    tips in your upcoming post.

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